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What We Do

Listed below are the services we offer. Please click on the links to find out more. If you can't find what you are looking for, or, are unsure of what you are looking for (we understand that this can alien to most people!) then go to our contact page and send us an email.
Consultancy Services


Are you a company that is about to work in an area where there is a threat of unexploded ordnance or landmines?


If so, contact us. We can offer you practical advice on how to understand the threat, evaluate it in accordance with your needs, and then work with you to mitigate this threat in a safe and cost effective manner.


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World War II Airdropped Munitions

The United Kingdom is still suffering from the effects of WWII Air dropped munitions. These tend to effect companies who have to conduct excavation works in areas that were bombed during that war.


​Are you working in an area where you are concerned about the threat of WWII ordnance?


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Clearance Operations


We have conducted clearance operations utilising; Explosive Ordnance Disposal Teams, Mine Detection Dogs, Battle Area Clearance, Mechanical Clearance (both driver operated and remote control), Manual Demining, and Route Survey and Clearance.


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Security Audits and Reviews

Due to our background in Terrosim Risk, and Bomb Disposal we sometimes get asked to conduct security reviews on behalf of our clients. These reviews have taken place across the United Kingdom and Mainland Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Central America.


The central reason for these audits is to assess a businesses resilience against terrorism, but we have carried out criminal risk and HSE audits also.


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Programme Management


We are experienced in managing large, complex programmes on behalf of clients. We understand the requirements that clients have, and the issues that contracfors face. Key to sucessful managment of such programmes is to develop the solution based on the threat and the client's needs, then develop Key Performance Indicators in order to monitor the program.


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Clearance of Military Land

Military land is now being handed back for public or commercial use. Some of this land is contaminated by dumped or epxended explosive ordnance.


To clear this land prior to selling or handing back to the public, is a similar task to a Battle Area Clearance task. We also understand the contraints with operating with conventional explosives in western countries, and have alternative disposal methodolgies available for use.


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