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Security Audits


Both Damian and Joe are experienced in carrying out security audits for multinational organisations. Joe holds a Master's degree in Terrorism Risk, and Damian holds a City and Guilds Level IV in Security and Risk Managment.


Our approach to these security audits follows a threat based approach starting at the country level, regional, local area, and threats to the business concerned. These threats are quantified prior to the audit, so that the audit can check for best practice, but also be commensurate with the defined threats.


Areas to be audited, and benchmarks are agreed prior to the audit taking place. Any recommendations will take in to account realities, such as budgetary constraints, type of business and business brand.


Although this is not the primary focus of Impactii Solutions, this is something that we can and do offer clients.


If you want to find out more, please contact us and we'll get back to you.


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