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Clearance of Military Land


Prior to military owned land being sold or passed on for public use, the land needs to be surveyed and possibly a clearance of the land may have to be carried out.


Although there are no set international standards for military land clearance in the United Kingdom, the closest discipline is Battle Area Clearance for which there are International Standards. The future purpose of the land must be considered, and that will dictate the level of clearance requred, such as explosive free or metal free.


Obvously metal free can be extremely difficult to achieve, but methodologies such as sifter buckets can be used to achieve this.


It should be noted that military training areas were usually chosen for their hilly ardouous nature, and as such, they can be very difficult to survey with vehicle mounted technologies, which is why Impactii Solutions are currently investigating the viability of Aircraft mounted hyperspectral cameras to locate any Unexploded Ordnance.


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