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Consultancy Services

If your organisation is in need of land mine or UXO clearance services, but is unsure of what to do, here is how we can help you:


  • Evaluation of the mine/ERW threat.

  • Advise on possible solutions including expected costs and timeframes.

  • Evaluation of the contractors in the market.

  • Develop proposal strategy.

  • Draft the Request for Proposal.

  • Conduct technical evaluation of proposals received.

  • Assist client during contract negotiations.

  • Project management to ensure a sucessful outcome.

  • We also offer our own clearance services if required.


For a full range of our services, please click on the 'what we do' section of this web site.



Impactii Solutions announces a joint venture with DOK-ING, and Safety Services  in creating 'Safety Solutions'. This is a Syrian/International business entity, registered in Damascus that has been created to assist in post-conflict Syria. We understand that explosive hazard removal within the context of civil engineering, and a secure work environment is crucial for the safe reconstruction of Syria. Impactii Solutions is a 24% owner of Safety Solutions which specialises in; explosive hazard removal, security services and post conflict reconstruction.

Our Promise

Navigating through the dangers posed by landmines and explosive remnants of war (ERW) can be a daunting challenge for organisations operating in these environments. Impactii Solutions is a company that offers bespoke consultancy and clearance services to clients in order to mitigate or remove this threat.


Impactii Solutions was founded by Damian Walker QGM. Damian has extensive experience in managing and delivering explosive hazard clearance projects in post-conflict environments. In July 2016 Damian travelled to Damascus, Syria where he was given permission by the Syrian government to register a business there as part of a joint venture. The purpose of this entity is to provide explosive hazard clearance and other support services for the future rebuilding of Syria. In December 2016 our certificate of incorporation was issued - please see 'Announcement!' below.

We are not currently active in Syria due to the ongoing conflict, but we have positioned ourselves to be able to operate there in the event of Western government sponsored programme of explosive hazard clearance and reconstruction.


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Military Barracks Juba, South Sudan

Investigating a stockpile of mines and ordnance at a military barracks in Juba, South Sudan. It is unsafe storage practices such as this, next to population centres that can be extremely dangerous. Photo taken by Damian Walker.